wicca pagan and satan
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wicca pagan and satan

by steven
(new york)

I am a theistic satanist looking for a knowledge of basic magic so that I may better serve father Satan. I was told that the Pagans and Wiccans basically believe the same as us, but we believe the pentagram should face down to give power to the earth not send it to the heavens as the Wiccans and Pagans do.

And of course we believe that Satan is our true creator. So basically my fellow believers tell me that we do not need a circle and this has been stated as very wrong, and dangerous from many other sets. I was wondering how you feel about this.

Also I am having problems focusing to unlock my chakras, any tips? I also want to note to those who do not know, we do not see Satan as the Christian devil he is portrayed as in their religion. I am not a a follower of Anton Le Vey.

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