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Probably the time of the year most associated with Witches, is Halloween, or Samhain, as we call it.  At this time of year everyone wants to be a Witch, the same way everyone wants to be Irish on Saint Patricks Day.

It's said that Witches throw the best parties, and the Witches Ball is definitely one of those parties.  Here in Denver, we have two, the Original Witches Ball, and the Ultimate Witches Ball.

Witches Balls happen all over the country.  Probably the best known of these Balls happens in Salem, MA.  Interestingly, I haven't found any video of their Ball.

Pagan events don't just happen at Samhain.  Our local community gathers regularly for Drum Circles. During the Winter, these drummings are held inside, but come the warmer months, we overflow out into the night to drum and dance.

[Video coming soon]

There are also various Pagan festivals throughout the Spring and Summer.  Beltania is a new festival, that combines music, ritual and workshops into an eclectic weekend.  Beltania 2009 was only the second time the festival happened, and it attracted over 700 participants.

[Video coming soon]

Dragonfest on the other hand, is the venerable Old Mother of festivals.  Dragonfest started as the Front Range Pagan Festival in 1984 with about 30 people attending.  Currently it limits itself to 1000 people.

[Video after August 2009]

There are also community events happening all the time at Pagan owned shops such as The Witches Brew.  The coffee shop held a Grand Opening in their new larger space, which also holds the Summerlands Community Center.

[Video coming soon]

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