Witchcraft Ritual Videos

With the introduction of high speed Internet service, video has taken the Internet by storm.  The problem isn't finding Witchcraft ritual videos, it's finding quality video.  

A person can spend hours searching for Witchcraft ritual videos that give good quality information.  So I am scouring the net, looking for those videos so you don't have to.  I am also creating my own video productions.

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Over time, this section of CyberWitchcraft has become a "one stop shop" for videos of all types of ritual.  I know that it's much easier to watch and learn, than to read and learn.

What started as an experiment has become one of the most popular parts of CyberWitchcraft.  This isn't surprising since only a few years ago, it would have been impossible to film Witches in ritual...open or not.

The views presented in the videos may not be the same as those presented by CyberWitchcraft.

The first video is a Handfasting.  This is not the entire ritual, it would be too long, it's over 18 minutes as edited.  This video does give a good idea of what a handfasting is, and how it's performed.

The same group who performed the handfasting, has put up several videos of various rituals. This next video a Beltane ritual in the backyard. You'll notice the wind comes up and plays havoc with the mic of the camera when they call the East.

You will notice that they bring the Maypole to the Earth, as a man comes to a woman.  This is a Sacred ritual, but there is also mirth.

I've noticed that most people just don't know how to dance the Maypole, and that is shown here too. For some reason people just can't get the concept of in and out, over and under.

I couldn't have a Beltane ritual without a Samhain ritual. They are after all, opposite sides of the Wheel of The Year.  This ritual is done at night, as is appropriate. It's filmed with a light intensifying lens, so it looks a bit odd.  The sound quality isn't very good, so you have to listen close.

You can find more videos on the Community page.

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