Glossary of Witchcraft Terms

Three-fold Law – States that the universe is in a state of balance, and that energy flows throughout. Every act you do releases energy, and that at some point the energy must return to its source. Specifically, the Three-fold Law states that everything that you do comes back to you at some point, with three times the energy you originally put out.

Quarters/Directions/Guardians – Each of the four Cardinal Directions (North, East, South, & West) have a color and an Element associated with them. During ritual, these Elementals are called to guard or protect the Circle.

Sabbat - A ritual done for the purpose of celebrating one of the eight Pagan Holy Days (Holidays) throughout the year. Typically these are strictly celebrations, no Magick or Working is done.

Esbat - Any ritual that is not a Sabbat. These rituals can be done at any time, though most will have a ritual on, or around the full moon. These are working rituals. Magick is done to some purpose.