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With the introduction of high speed Internet service, video has taken the Internet by storm.  The problem isn't finding Witchcraft videos, it's finding quality video.  

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Between videos I find and those I make, this section has grown from one page with a few videos to several pages with many Witchcraft videos.

The first section contains Witchcraft Ritual Videos from around the Net.  Between my essays on Ritual, and the videos of this section, I believe I am presenting a balance between the theory of how ritual is done, and the visual impact of seeing the actual ritual.

The next section contains a video series called Common Thread. These are videos produced by CyberWitchcraft, in an effort to put as much information as possible out to the people who want it.  The first video was Ritual 101, where we take you through the entire process of what is involved with performing your own ritual.

When Witches and Pagans gather together in a community, there are many events that happen throughout the year.  These Community Events create and strengthen bonds between individuals, drawing them together into a community.

These Community Videos are all produced by CyberWitchcraft, with the intent of showing that Witches and other pagans gather together and enjoy the company of one another.  

Too many Witches believe that Witchcraft is a solitary Craft.  This simply isn't true.  By showing these videos, we hope to show everyone around the country, and the world that you are not alone.  You just have to reach out.

This video is in black and white. It shows some of the tools used in traditional Cornish Witchcraft.
You can find more videos on the Community page and the CyberWitchcraft Video Blog.

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