Witchery I've been told my family has a background in this realm
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Witchery I've been told my family has a background in this realm

by Tiffanie
(Crystal, Minnesota )

Can I be a witch because of inheritance, passed down through female generational thing? I was recently told that my blood line has this aspect.

Background on myself, 23 died twice, ER docs thought I was long gone but I awoken moments after I was gone 30 mins.. Um my eyes change color.. Cold all year long 6-7 blankets.. Language is another thing. I feel like I could speak any Lang without even knowing it.. Most recently I heard a women speaking in toungues and heard her in English but Everyone else heard her in toungues..

All my life til I was 21 I've wanted a pentagram on my foot no idea why so I got one, I've seen my 3 baby nephews in their moms womb before she even knew I knew their gender ect... People toned in Buddhism say my 3rd eye is open and that I should be a toned in reiki any knowledge you can tell me?

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Oct 19, 2015
Colten NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dec 12, 2012
Hereditary Witches
by: Ken


There are hereditary Witches. They are born to parents who are Witches, and raised in the Craft. Just because you have a distant ancestor that may have been a Witch, doesn't make you a Witch. You have to study, and learn.

Many people have eyes that change color. It's called Hazel, and usually switches between blue and green. Often the color change is determined by mood.

If you want to become a Witch, you need to study. Buy a book on Witchcraft, and learn what it has to teach you. I prefer the older books, by Buckland, Cunningham, and others.

You will find this is not an easy Path, it requires hard work, and drive. If this really is the Path for you, you'll find that you can't get enough knowledge, no matter how hard you try. Most of what you must learn isn't taught in books.

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