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The Witches Ball

I was able to video tape at The Witches Ball in Denver, Colorado.  The first video features Serpent Moon, a group of local belly dancers.  This Witches Ball has has been an annual event for nearly 20 years now.

The music for the collage was recorded at the Ball, and is a band called Tuatha.  Unfortunatelty, because I don't have real editing software, the sound quality for this segment is less than I would like.  

When I have the ability, I'll re-edit the video, and post something I feel better about.

This second video features Serpent Moon again, and a male belly dancer known as Kaleo.  The dark lighting caused no end of trouble for the auto focus, but I thought the ladies would enjoy watching a man who can really move his hips.  The band in the clip is again Tuatha.  Since I didn't have to play around with the video, the sound quality is much better.


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