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Witches Calendar

This Witches calendar shows the basic moon phases, Void of Course, Craft Holidays, and other information that a Witch may find useful. Astrological transit  information is provided by Jupiter Rising Astrological Services.

For general information on how each transit may affect you, see the Witch Way newsletter, and read the Chiron's Lyre column.  For specific information on how each transit may affect you personally, take a look at Amalthea's Horn.

Moon phases and VOC (Void of Course) information are important for determining the best time to, and when not to work magick.  The eight Sabbats, or holidays are presented as a public service of CyberWitchcraft.

VOC is Moon Void of Course, all times listed are UTC.  UTC time is Universal Time at Greenwich, England. Subtract 4 hours for Eastern Time, 6 hours for Mountain in North America. I expect everyone else around the world knows how to convert for their time zone.

October 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3
VOC 3:29AM - 9:20AM 
4 Full Moon
Hunter's Moon
VOC 5:46AM - 4:33PM 
6 7
VOC 5:19PM - 9:46PM 
8 9 10
Mars/Saturn Sextile
VOC 1:35AM 
11 Last Quarter
VOC until 1:48AM
VOC 1:37AM 
VOC until 5:02AM VOC 9:20PM
VOC until 7:45AM
Mars/Saturn Sextile 
VOC 10:18AM - 10:29AM
17 New Moon
VOC 5:33AM - 2:22PM
19 20
VOC 6:57PM - 8:49PM
21 22 23
VOC 6:39AM - 6:40AM
25 First Quarter
VOC 6:14PM - 7:08PM
26 27 28
VOC 7:22AM - 7:45AM
VOC 4:56AM - 5:56PM

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