Working with the Elements/Elementals
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Working with the Elements/Elementals

by Dawn
(Richmond, VA USA)

In your article on Calling the Quarters, you mentioned when summoning the Elementals, it is best to start working with them individually. How does one start doing that? Am I correct in assuming that to effectively protect the Circle all four need to be called? Are there some exercises that will help strengthen your connection to and as a result control over the Elementals?

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Sep 30, 2015
good post NEW
by: Mulayl

Actually, You have showed the relation of Elements with the working of human. You said that Elements have big impact of human working which you told how this will happen. This one is strange able for me because a few moments i thinking that how this will happen? But it's the facts of life. any how, I try to find get good source which can help me to know this website but this post is cause to increase my knowledge about cyber.

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